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project life: week 28

July 23, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

Summer is in full swing here and I’m having a blast. I’m not a OH-MY-GOD-IT’S-SUMMER-WE-HAVE-TO-DO-ALL-THE-THINGS person, but I am enjoying myself. There’s a lot going on here and it feels good to be a part of it.

week 28 full |

Just to start off, right now I’m obsessed with doing my nails. OBSESSED. Tom is complaining of being on a continual high from the paint fumes but I can’t stop myself. Plus, I just discovered a quick-dry nail dropper that seems to prevent a lot of chipping. Hella cool. I’m currently sporting pink and gold nail polish, but this week it was all about the pink and grey. These nails were my favourite design as of yet. The rest of this layout is mostly weekend related. Tom and I usually run errands together on Saturdays, but lately we’ve been dividing and conquering. I stepped out on Saturday by myself to pick up some groceries and then went to Starbucks until my hair appointment. It was so much fun to just sit around and read for an hour. Definitely felt luxurious.

week 28 left side |

That afternoon I got a much needed haircut. I actually can’t remember the last time I cut my hair so it was definitely a necessity. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used Tracy Larson Simply White templates for the before and after shot. I layered digital cardstock on the white background to keep it from blending in with my white dividers. That’s one of the downsides of digital scrapbooking: I can’t use white filler cards. Tom and I went to the East Meets West festival later that evening and I was thrilled to try out some of the food trucks. We bought duck tots from Atilla the HUNgry and custom ice cream sandwiches from One Cool Cookie. So yummy! For our custom ice cream sandwiches, Tom ordered gingersnap cookies and peanut butter and chocolate ice cream while I opted for chocolate chip cookies and bubble gum ice cream. Heavenly! The next day we went to see Wicked at the Jubilee. I thought the two main actresses were fantastic, but the show really didn’t speak to me. It was okay but it kind of reminded me of Cats. At the end of it I was all, “Okay. So what?” Although, I can’t get the song Popular out of my head. I freaking love that song.

week 28 right side |

This layout was made with Paislee Press’ Weekender kit. I recolored some the elements to match the green from the Wicked poster. The poster was initially a little overpowering so I layered it over the woodgrain cardstock in the Weekender kit and adjusted the opacity on the poster layer. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. The original poster overwhelmed the layout.

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project life: week 11

July 21, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

This was one of my favourite weeks of the year. Our friends Jason and Kim invited us to go to Canmore with them for the weekend. Kim is a master at planning and was going to arrange everything. A couple of days later, Jason e-mailed Tom asking if we wanted to go dog sledding. Say what? Dog sledding? The adventurer in me immediately said, “Hell to the YES!.” So, in March 2014, I went dog sledding.

week 11 full |

While I’m the adventurer in the relationship, Tom is the planner. I love the picture of his turn by turn print out of how to get to the hotel. While he was showing me the map he stops and asks, “Are you taking a picture of me?” Yes, my Love, I definitely am. I love his neuroses. We rented an SUV and drove 4 hours to Stoneridge Mountain Resort. Things I don’t want to forget: Getting onto the highway and part of the rubber on the windshield starting to flap about. Hearing a weird howling while driving (turns out it was just a weird windy patch and not our vehicle falling apart).

week 11 left side |

Our room was beautiful. Actually, it was more like a little apartment than a room. As part of our room package we were given a $100 voucher to the Iron Goat so we went there for dinner. The food was totes amazing, people. I would go back there in a heartbeat. I almost ate myself into a food coma that night. Things I don’t want to forget: The size of the bathroom and the size of the shower. You could fit FOUR people in that shower and not be too smooshed. In contrast, how small the bedroom was. You practically had to shuffle to get down the side of the bed. The chipotle mango duck wings and the hot fudge cream puff. The noisy booth next to us, who were so loud our waitress gave us a round of drinks on the house.

week 11 right side |

This week turned into a 4-page layout because there was just so much to share!

week 11 full 2 |

The next morning we went dog sledding. I had to buy some outdoors gear because I realized most of my winter wardrobe was meant to walk from a building to a car and a car to a building. Is it bad of me that I returned most of it when I got back? #badperson. We were picked up from our hotel in one of those shuttle buses and driven up the side of a mountain at alarming speeds, while we filled out accident waivers. Good times. When we arrived we were assigned a driver and a dog team. All the dogs were tied to a long rope and I helped Sally get them onto the pull line while Tom anchored the sled. Things I don’t want to forget: How loud the dogs became once they learned they were getting harnessed up to run again. Our Australian dogsled driver calling the dogs muppets (or really, “moppets.”) How beautiful the scenery was. How the dogs were much smaller than I expected them to be. How unbelievably fun it was.

week 11 left side 2 |

We stopped after 10 KM and had cookies and hot chocolate. On the way back Sally asked us if we wanted to drive the sled. Ummmm….YES! I hopped on the back and hung on for dear life while we zoomed through at Mach 3. Okay, I know it wasn’t Mach 3 but it sure felt that way. I nearly fell off a few dozen times and I actually bruised my palms from holding on so tightly. WORTH IT! Tom was up next for driving and came to the conclusion he’s rather stay in the sled next time. It’s a lot of work back there. After our adventure we headed to Rocky Mountain Flatbread for dinner and then wandered around Canmore. That evening we went to Rustica Steakhouse for some of the best steak in my life! Oh my gosh. Maple roasted root vegetables? Yum. The only downside was we were there for 3 hours. Three hours. I’m not even exaggerating. Not quite sure what happened there, but there was pretty much an hour between courses. Still worth it. We drove back on the Sunday and stopped in at the Donut Mill because I just wasn’t ready to end my adventure. I’m so glad we did because they were some of the most amazing pastries I’ve ever had. Amazing. I want to drive there right now. Things I don’t want to forget: The orange creamsicle donut. Taking the scenic route back. How Tom drove around without question so I could find the right lunch spot.

week 11 right side 2 |

I used Road Trip from Paislee Press for the majority of this layout, along with some elements from my Hello Story class. Hello Story is still one of my favourite classes I have ever taken. If she does a third installment of it you should probably check it out.

As always, thanks for reading.

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project life: week 10

July 18, 2014 in project life 2014, project life dare by Natasha

I’ll be jumping back and forth with weeks as I’m still playing catch up. Weeks eleven thru 17 will happen sporadically over the next few weeks.

While I was taking inventory of what weeks I had and hadn’t finished I came across this layout that was completely finished! Yay past me! Every once in awhile I will go through a phase where I want to do a black and white layout. As you might already know, I love black and white in general and including black and white photos just makes my heart sing. I’ve added some links below for tips on taking black and white photos. If you’ve never done it, it’s worth a try!

week 10 full |

The bunny never fails to make me laugh with his antics. For some reason he was sleeping half out of his wooden house. I really wish I knew what went through his little bunny mind. As part of my One Little Word I spent some time decorating the living room. We have lived in our house for over a year and these were some of the first pictures. Homemaking is not my strong suit.

week 10 left side |

It was snowy as all get out in March. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, we usually have snow well into April in Edmonton. A sleepy chin always makes me happy. Free tickets to a hockey game also makes me happy.

week 10 right side |

I predominantly used the Midnight Edition from Paislee Press for this layout. Her style speaks directly to my soul.

Finally, I’d like to encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and try a different photography style. Project Life Dare #2 is to take a week of B&W photographs. Whenever I do this I find I learn something new and cultivate *my style* of photography. See below for links to black and white photography resources. Find my previous dare here.

project life dare #2 |

As always, thanks for reading.

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Photography Links

10 Tips on How to Create Better Black and White Photos

How to Master Black and White Photography

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project life: week 26

July 16, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

I’ve been loving filters at the moment. I’m obsessed with the Rad Lab filter Skinny Jeans. It’s the perfect way to pull together photos with mismatched colour palettes.

week 26 full week 27 full |

This week tom and I went to Chianti’s to celebrate my one year anniversary at work. We almost always order the same thing: Fettuccini Alfredo (me) and Fettuccini Florentine (Tom). We have been going to this restaurant for over ten years. It’s a landmark in our dating history.

week 26 left side week 27 full |

The top left picture on the right hand side is the result of cooking while intoxicated. We had our friends Randy and Gina over for a games night and I always insist on making treats for us. I managed to cook the bacon wrapped wieners (a party hit) without incident, but the pork bites required a deep fryer and apparently that was too difficult for my inebriated self. Really quite embarrassing. It’s healing now, but Tom spent the rest of the evening rubbing aloe on my arm. On Friday night Darcy stopped by after our family dinner to show off Hannah. Tom was a master of making her laugh. The lengths he would go to make her laugh made me smile. Love that man.

week 26 right side week 27 full |

This weekend was great because it was the beginning of a four-day weekend. Since Tuesday was Canada Day we opted to take Monday off to make it an extra long weekend. Spectacular fun!

As always, thanks for reading.

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project life: week 25

July 14, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

Week 25 was filled with work and sickness.

week 25 full week 27 full |

On Monday and Tuesday I was a busy bee getting ready for the upcoming audit and finishing our month end. The picture of my computer screen is capturing the beautiful and obnoxious task of reconciling the bank to the G/L. It’s one of my favourite month end tasks, yet almost always causes me an intense amount of grief. Fun, right? The hunt for the missing pennies… On Wednesday I came in to find we had ANOTHER flood at work, resulting in our office smelling like dirty mop water. Disgusting.  Tom got a number of disgruntled texts that day.

week 25 left side week 27 full |

On Thursday I received a text from my boss to stay home due to our office smelling like wet dog. I was excited to have the day off and decided to spend it looking through all my piles of food magazines. At around 11am I started feeling nauseous and by 1pm I was in bed. I stayed in bed for the next 4 days watching Gossip Girl. My immune system has been inexplicably terrible this year. To top it all off, my cough drop wrappers had these patronizing messages on them like, “Impress yourself today” or “Don’t waste a precious minute”? WTF. I’m sick, you wankers. I commemorated my feelings with one of Caylee’s Bad Day filler cards because it so perfectly represented my level of displeasure. I think the card was initially white but I decided to mask the text and added it to a black piece of digital cardstock.

week 25 right side week 27 full |

I’m loving the colour palette of this layout. Inspired by the gold in the cough drop wrapper, I combined elements from One Little Bird’s So Major and Paislee Press’ On My Desk  kits. I feel I need to embrace this gold colour palette more often because I really, really like it.

As always, thanks for reading.

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project life: week 24

July 11, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha


Week 24 was mostly about food.

week 24 full week 27 full |

I decided to go to Indulgence Edmonton for the second, and last, time. Tom and I attended two years ago with mixed reviews, but we decided to give it another go. The idea is that different local restaurants pair up with local food providers to make a dish, which is then paired with a wine. The concept is phenomenal and when it works it really works. The downside is that the event has outgrown the space currently being used resulting in a crowded, stuffy, overheated mess of an evening. It was still fun, but I think we will explore other events instead of Indulgence Edmonton in the future.

week 24 left side week 27 full |

I’m currently obsessed with the idea of making my own ice cream. It’s definitely going on the Summer Bucket List. I found a recipe for different mix-in combinations and I absolutely must try a few of them. Blueberries and oatmeal cookies? Ummmm…YES! Since we lost our Cold Stone Creamery the subject of ice cream leaves me feeling dejected and hopeless. Hashtag First World Problems. Now that it’s actually starting to feel like summer, I’ve been feeling excited about nail polish again. How are the two related? Who knows. But it’s there. This week also marks the first time we took the bunny outside. I’m not quite sure was I was expecting but he pretty much acted the same way outside as he does inside. I think I harbored hope that he’d feel like a ‘real’ bunny when he felt grass under his paws. I pictured him frolicking about in immense amusement. I think both he and I were disappointed about him being outside. Go figure.

week 24 right side week 27 full |

The kit I used primarily for this layout is Per Diem from One Little Bird.

Thanks for reading!


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project life: week 23

July 9, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

Week 23 was about time and space.

week 23 full week 27 full |
We had our friends Ellen and Darcy over to watch Mortified Nation, a documentary where people read excerpts from their childhood diaries. It is absolutely hilarious, disturbing and moving. If you have Netflix and like feeling a little uncomfortable, check it out. In honor of the film, I dug out an old journal of mine and shared a part of my 27-year old self.

week 23 left side week 27 full |

I decided it was time to include some pictures of what our home currently looks like. I have regretted not taking pictures of how spaces change and how they stay the same.

week 23 right side week 27 full |

It was a simple week. Those are okay too.

Thanks for reading!


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project life: week 27

July 6, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

This year has not gone as expected, including keeping up with project life. Hopefully I’ve re-prioritized things so that this won’t happen again. With that in mind, I bring you week 27.
week 27 full |
Things have been beyond hectic. My boss has been gone for 2 weeks, leaving me to run our department, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t our busiest time of year. I’m holding things together but I feel a lot of stress right now. I can feel it affecting my home life and I really don’t like it. But, I love my job so I’m going to just keep my chin up and do what’s necessary. Luckily I have Tom to keep my head on straight. What I would do without him? There’d be a lot more crying, that’s for sure. My week was filled with working long days and going to bed early.
week 27 left side | 
My weekend, however, was a blast. Tom and I started the weekend off with our usual Friday night grocery shopping trip. When we got home we watched Under the Skin, probably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. On Saturday Tom took me to Fifendekel for lunch where I had some of the most delicious pie I’ve ever had. I’m going to have to take my mom there the next time she visits. Saturday night we went to the Museum After Dark party, a party our museum hosts whenever they open a new exhibit. This one was on the history of the leather jacket. I was thrilled to pose next to Elvis Priestly’s jacket. Tom posed next to the jacket from The Terminator. I even got to sit on one of the motorcycles! I am holding a “born to be wild” speech bubble. It was fun wandering the exhibits and listening to the DJ. I can’t wait to go to the next one.
week 27 right side |
The one thing I like about Project Life is that it’s not meant to be fussy. Sure, you can spend hours putting a layout together, but you can also throw one together in an hour or so. I’m really trying to simplify things right now while I get back on track. It’s really easy to fall out of the habit of taking pictures. I’m glad to get back into it, even if it’s not perfect. It will never be perfect, I just need to accept that.

As always, thanks for reading.

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project life: week 21

May 28, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

There’s a joke in Edmonton that we have four seasons: winter, more winter, still winter and road construction. Sooooooo true right now. Road construction everywhere. Tom and I carpool and he’s taking back roads to get to work. It’s insane. Writing this reminds me that I need to get a picture of some road construction for next week’s layout. Note to self…

Week 21 revolved around a lot of food. Story of my life!

week 21 full |

I started taking, what I’m calling, “desk picnics” to work. I got the idea from plane picnics, which is exactly what it sounds like. Since starting my new job, I can no longer go home for lunch. I got into the (terrible) habit of eating while working. I was definitely a candidate for Sad Desk Lunch. As always, I went all in with my idea to make lunch special. Most people would have just started taking their appropriated lunch time but not me. Cloth napkins! Three course meals! Dessert! Last week I made a potato and leek soup or a salad for my appetizer, a cheese plate for my main, and chocolate for dessert. Heeeeeeeeellooooooooo fabulous! My coworkers think I’m (even more) insane, but I don’t care. My lunches are now a civilized affair. I also came across the most amazing Caesar salad recipe. Bon Appétit is my new go-to for fresh and wonderful recipes.

week 21 left side |

My mom was in the hospital all this week, which sucks. I had THE most hilarious conversation with her while she heavily medicated. Drugged mom = priceless. Tom and I were laughing so hard we were crying. My dad sent be a million updates to keep me from worrying, thank goodness, and Mom and I had a few FaceTime conversations. I’m so happy I have access to amazing technology that allows me to make my mom laugh from a thousand km away. It’s fantastic. She’s now back at home, which is awesome. Get well soon, Mom!

Tom and I went back to Leva to get desserts for our weekly Friday dinner with his parents. I immediately stuffed two macrons into my mouth before getting into the car, because I’m classy like that. I’ve only recently discovered macrons and they are incroyable! I’m trying to convince Tom to go to Paris for our 10 year anniversary in 2016. I imagine I’ll eat nothing but macrons and smoke. That’s what the French do, right? I was happy to see two Canada geese protecting their little babies as they crossed the road. I had only been seeing singular Canada geese all over the city and I was starting to think it was some kind of conspiracy… I finally remembered to take a picture of Tom BBQing. Let’s just pretend this is the first BBQ we had and leave it at that.

week 21 right side |

I’ve started working on my latest vacation book and I’m struggling with documenting the story. I think I get hung up on the fact that I don’t have a picture for every little thing we did. I actually had this moment where I was frantic over the fact that I hadn’t taken a picture of the truck that took us from the pier to the diving center. “What was I thinking? Now it looks like we just teleported!” My mind is crazy. I’m still deciding how I will lay it out in the photobook, but I’m having a blast working on it.

Thanks for reading!

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project life: week 19

May 26, 2014 in project life 2014 by Natasha

Week 19, you were awesome. My parents came in this week, farmers markets are back up and running, I went to a CPA convention and my parents were in town! Oh, and Tom got a raise. What an incredible week!

week 19 full |

All of my photos were from my iPhone this week, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes I get into this mode where I think I should only be using my “real” camera and start judging myself. I really need to stop “should-ing” myself. Nothing good ever comes of it. We went out on Monday to celebrates Tom’s raise and had the most delicious meal. I discovered an amazing wine (if you like rich, honey whites give it a try) and Tom and I shared an amazing apple pie for dessert. We had such a blast. On Friday my boss and I went to an accounting conference and I was blown away by the speakers they had lined up. I heard advice from Mark Tewsbury, an Olympic gold winner, and Warren McDonald, a man who climbed a mountain 10 months (10 MONTHS!) after losing both his legs in a climbing accident. It was incredible. It really got me fired up about life in general. Great fun.

week 19 left side |

My parents were also in for the weekend, which never fails to make me happy. I had a blast with them. I had bought my mother tickets for Hairspray for Mother’s Day and was absolutely itching to tell her! She was pretty excited when she found out and the show was amazing. Such a great time. The French Quarter’s farmers market opened up, so Tom was our pack mule for all the goodies we bought. It was great spending time with them and I’m so lucky to have such great parents. My mom stayed for a couple extra days afterwards and it was fantastic. Having someone to empty the dishwasher and start dinner was ah-MAH-zing! I kept telling her I wasn’t going to let her leave. She made me an awesome card when she left. My mom is rad.

week 19 right side |

I’m slowing getting caught up with Project Life and I’m looking forward to starting to post here again on a more regular basis. Thanks for sticking it out with me!